Key West Art & Historical Society, connecting the past, building bridges to the future. You participate in history when you donate. Every gift, large or small, helps us continue our mission.

Your gift or membership helps maintain the Society’s collections and supports on-going exhibitions and programming.

Since 1949, the community has been essential to our mission to preserve and protect the history and cultural heritage of Key West. In 1950, volunteers cleared overgrown vegetation and abandoned debris from Fort East Martello, opening the Florida Keys’ first museum. Through donations of heirlooms and artifacts, along with funds raised by the community, the initial collection was then assembled for conservation and exhibition. At the same time restoration efforts began on the first of what would become our three historic properties.

Today, community involvement and annual contributions from our members ensure that Key West Art & Historical Society continues to provide education through four landmark museums, promote humanities-based programs for the young and old, and award-winning exhibitions of art and artifacts that inspire and educate.