Literary History of Key West

November 1, 2019 - February 9, 2020

Custom House Museum | Bryan Gallery

Key West has long tradition of luring artists, poets, authors and playwrights to its tropical and bohemian setting.  Robert Frost, Tennessee Williams, Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, Richard Wilbur, Judy Blume and an array of other talented writers are counted amongst the literary luminaries who have spent time on the island.  The island is also home to the Key West Literary Seminar, a yearly public symposium established in 1983, as well as the Key West Writers Guild, the Key West Poetry Guild and the Mystery Fest Key West.

This exhibit will concentrate on a handful of writers who have found the tranquil and accepting character of Key West a perfect place to pen their novels, tomes, plays and poems.  While the exhibition is enlightening, it is by no means comprehensive.  Instead, the aim is to present a cross-section of authors that span many genres and time periods.  In addition, the exhibit will serve as a springboard for discovering other authors and recognizing the island’s cultivation of inspired works.

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