Key West Collects: Our Community Treasures

November 22, 2019 - January 5, 2020

Custom House Museum | Bumpus Gallery

Key West Art & Historical Society presents the next installment of Key West Collects, an exhibit of unusual and wonderful collections of knickknacks, curios, ornaments, trinkets, baubles, tchotchkes, artwork and other objects collected by Key West/Florida Keys residents.

The unique exhibit offers something of interest for everyone “no matter what their age range, nationality or education level,” says Curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D. A ‘Call for Collections’ will be distributed in summer 2019, asking for residents to share their collectables with the museum for consideration.  In previous years, the display featured a diverse array including WWI-era sheet music, opium pipes, pop-up books, Native American stone animal fetishes, pre-Columbian ceramics and textiles, champagne flutes and many other unusual items.

Key West Collects will be the fourth exhibit with that name, created several years ago by The Society with the intent of engaging the local community while showcasing their cultural diversity.

“Florida Keys residents are interested in so many facets of culture, history and the arts,” says Convertito. “Displaying a small representation of their interests allows us to generate conversation amongst our visitors.”

A favorite among the community and The Society alike, Key West Collects gives the community an opportunity to “take ownership of The Society’s exhibits,” says Convertito.

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