Assemblages by Christine Fifer

Key West Museum of Art & History | Bumpus Gallery

January 12 - March 3, 2024

While known for her saturated paintings with detailed composition, Christine Fifer is surprising us with a new twist on her art with a special nod to history.  Thousands of vintage Cracker Jack charms found their way into her series of mixed media assemblages, proving it IS a charmed life.

It’s A Charmed Life took its first breath when Fifer realized her vast collection of vintage Cracker Jack prizes deserved a life beyond staid glass jars up on a shelf.  The charms amassed in her collection are all from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, and she has been foraging for these Lilliputian gems for years.  They speak volumes of what was important to and popular when her parents were children, and so for her, they shoulder profound, sentimental value.  It is her hope, that these surprisingly appealing and wildly addicting tiny treasures take you back to your own histories and the things you hold dear.  And most importantly, she hopes the show brings you joy and helps you find the kid in you again.

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