Enrich [en • RICH]

New Acquisitions at the Key West Art & Historical Society

July 1 - December 2020

Custom House Museum | Bumpus Gallery

The Key West Art & Historical Society will host Enrich [en • rich], New Acquisitions an exhibition of recent acquisitions that allows the public a glimpse of how and why we continually strengthen our permanent collection.  The exhibit applauds the efforts of our donors, visitors, and institutional partners who help us tell the story of the Florida Keys.

One of the Society’s most vital activities is the collection local art and historical items that provide information about Florida Keys’ history and culture for the purpose of research and in order to prevent them from being lost.  Although we collect a large number of items every year, many of them cannot be made available to the public in general or special exhibitions, which have limited space and schedules. For this reason, the Society has elected to display these newly acquired items that have had little or no opportunity to be exhibited.

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