Key West Shutter Stories by Elizabeth Devries

Custom House Museum | Bumpus Gallery

October 12, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Elizabeth Devries’ artwork/woodwork containing historical pieces of old Key West will be the stage that is set for her show at the Custom House Museum.  She has been a craftsman in the Keys for over 36 years and is known as ‘Lizzee the Shutter Lady’.  Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and cataloging of Key West’s authentic artifacts, many of her elements are over a hundred years old, is but a part of her brilliance.

It is with a naive eye and excitement of life itself that her work brings the past to our present.  Elizabeth is ever trying to convey the life and happenings of our local island city.  Key West is a wealth of inspiration for Elizabeth, with the vehicle being the collected shutters of Key West’s past. Different colored shutter pieces have been salvaged from historic homes owned by famous artists and writers.  The lime greens are Hemingway’s, the reds are those of Tennessee Williams’s, the greens are from the Oldest House Museum.  The future is not yet made but her collection of materials is awaiting.  She sees life, puts her heart into overdrive and her bandsaw into action

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